Employees Group Health Care & Global Protection


Your employees’ good health is good for your business

Protect your employees, and help minimise their absence!!

Healthcare can form a crucial element of your company’s employee benefits package

The right healthcare package not only helps attract and retain staff but can help you create a healthier,

more productive workforce. And should employees become ill, they have fast access to high quality

medical care and advice to get them back to work efficiently.

As a specialist healthcare and wellbeing intermediary our consultants will develop the most appropriate
healthcare programme for you and your employees.  From private medical insurance, to healthcare cash
plans and many more benefits of insurance, we can assit for you!!
We will ensure you have access to the products that suit you best, at a price that matches your budget and
tailored to your specific requirements.

Health Insurance:

In-Patient Benefits:

Daily hospitalization expenses

Ambulance costs

Emergency accident cover

Surgical expenses

Diagnostic x-ray and laboratory expenses

Intensive care expenses

Doctor’s visits

Maternity benefits

Health Insurance: Out-Patient Benefits:

Clinical examination expenses

Investigation procedure expenses

Medicines, treatment and follow-ups

Minor surgeries and day care

Visits to the doctor (GP, specialist and consultant)

Maternity benefits

Cost of vaccinations