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Good working conditions will attract and help retain talented and valuable employees. An international insurance is seen as one of the most appreciated expat employee benefits. Although a group health insurance contract can be seen as an investment for the future, over the long-term it will reduce absence from work, motivate employees working abroad and increase productivity. In general a corporate medical cover will be most advantageous, if you have ten or more expat employees. However there can be some added benefits from just five employees.

Advantages of Private Health Insurance:

  1. Motivated Employees: In today’s scenario, when medical costs have reached to a great height, corporate health insurance is considered as an added benefit. By insuring against higher hospitalization costs, employers can motivate their employees.
  2. Helps in Retention of Employees: These days more and more companies have become employee-centric and corporate health insurance has become one of the most preferred benefits to attract and retain talented employees. The group policies also cover the family members of the employees, making the employees feel more attached to the organization.
  3. Low Cost: Group health insurance policies can be bought at low or no cost to the employee, as it is like buying in bulk, gives discounts.
  4. Easy Premium Payment Options: Depending on the company’s policy, an employer can choose to pay the premium monthly, quarterly or yearly as per their convenience.
  5. Default Insurance Cost: All members of the group get the ‘auto cover’ simply by being part of that group. It ensures basic insurance coverage to people who are without any insurance.
  6. Institutional Support during a Claim: As irrespective of the health state, insurance is offered to all members of the group, it is of great value to people who are looking for a health insurance but cannot get it at an affordable rate because of their current health state.
  7. No Medical Check-Up Is Required: When it comes to a group health insurance, you don’t need to undergo a medical check-up and submit medical reports to get enrolled under a group health plan.
  8. No Waiting Period: There is no concept of waiting period in group health covers and thus, even illnesses like heart issues, diabetes, etc.; are covered from Day 1.
  9. Useful for Employee’s Wellbeing: Group health insurance policies play a crucial role in securing the health of employees and their families.
  10. Optional: Dental, optical & Maternity
  11. Critical Care: Like Stroke, Major Cancers, First Heart Attack, Serious Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Valve Replacement, End Stage Liver Failure Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, End-stage Lung Disease, Kidney Failure, Major Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant. Alzheimer ’s disease / Irreversible, Parkinson’s Disease, Benign Brain Tumor, Major Head Trauma, Bacterial Meningitis, Blindness,  Coma, Major Burns,  Multiple Sclerosis, Paralysis etc.

Disadvantage of French Social Security System

  • The French healthcare system has traditionally been known for its high use of prescription medicines, which some experts say is a 'health problem' in France.
  • As some foreigners cannot claim French healthcare until after three months of residence, they may be required to take out private health insurance to cover them in the interim.
  • The high quality of the French healthcare system comes with a price tag. Employed residents in France have to pay a considerable amount in taxes (social security) to shoulder the costs of healthcare in France. This is perhaps a burden to those who don’t require as much medical attention as others.
  • Many patients still have to pay doctors and medical practitioners upfront for services rendered and claim a reimbursement later, although this is being phased out since 2017 when bills are now mostly charged directly to the French healthcare system. Some critics worry, however, that 'free' doctor visits could inundate France's medical services.
  • France is looking to create more safe injection centres, or 'shooting galleries', for drug addicts in order to reduce disease and overdoses, although this has been a highly controversial issue in France.